Our Services

Comprehensive heart care by skilled cardiologists. Expertise in diagnosing, treating, and preventing heart-related conditions. Services include cardiac evaluations, advanced diagnostics, personalized treatment plans, and guidance for heart health maintenance.

Nuclear Stress Test

A nuclear stress test utilizes radioactive tracers and imaging to assess how well the heart copes with stress. By revealing blood flow patterns, it helps diagnose heart conditions, guiding treatment strategies for improved cardiovascular health.

Stress Test (Treadmill Only)

A stress test evaluates heart performance during exercise, aiding in diagnosing cardiovascular issues and guiding treatments. This test reveals how well the heart handles stress, assisting doctors in promoting heart health and patient well-being.

Echo, Carotid, Arterial

Echo, Carotid, and Arterial imaging techniques offer detailed insights into heart function, stroke risk, and blood vessel health. These methods combine to provide a comprehensive understanding, empowering precise diagnoses and tailored cardiovascular care.

Stress Echo

A stress echocardiogram combines exercise and ultrasound imaging to evaluate how the heart responds under strain. By observing real-time images during activity, doctors gain insights into blood flow and heart function, aiding in diagnosing issues and planning treatments for better cardiac health.


The Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) test measures blood pressure in the arms and ankles to assess leg circulation. It identifies potential peripheral artery disease, aiding in early detection and management for improved lower limb blood flow.


Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) therapy boosts heart health by enhancing blood flow through rhythmic compression of the legs. This non-invasive technique promotes collateral vessel growth, making it a promising option for improving cardiovascular function and quality of life.

Holter Monitor

The Holter monitor is a silent friend that keeps watch on the heart all day and night. It records the rhythm of life’s moments, from brisk hikes to quiet slumbers, and is discreetly attached to the breast.

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is an unwelcome nighttime visitor that steals the essence of relaxation. Dreams break apart, energy dwindles, and breathing becomes difficult. Reclaiming renewal by taming this shadow will create brighter days by fusing the fabric of peaceful nights.

AA Doppler

AA Doppler, a whispering marvel, echoes the flow of life. By sending gentle ripples through the body, it unveils the hidden currents of blood circulation. This symphony of sound guides medical experts, helping them diagnose and mend the rhythms of the body, creating harmony where it’s needed most.


The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS), a conductor of the body’s silent symphony, orchestrates functions beyond our control. With intricate precision, it regulates heartbeats, breathing, digestion, and more.


The EKG, a heart-related visual storyteller, draws its electric tales. It paints a rhythm of life onto the page with each beat, revealing subtle variations in its strokes. The whispers and yells of the heart are captured in this image, assisting physicians in unraveling its mysteries.

Peacemaker Interrogation

Peacemaker interrogation, a dialogue with the heart’s guardian. Through deft electronic conversation, it reads the pulses of a life-sustaining companion. This intimate exchange unveils the device’s journey, from delivering life-saving beats to ensuring reliability.

Blood Pressure Monitor

The blood pressure monitor, a silent observer of circulation’s ebb and flow. With every pressurized heartbeat, it captures a snapshot of the body’s vital river. This unobtrusive companion offers insights into the health of arteries and the rhythm of life itself, guiding wellness on a path of balance.